Animals to Live in Dirty Carpets

Animals tend to be able to live anywhere, including in your dirty carpet. That is why it is important to maintain your carpet in a clean condition Carpet Cleaning north shore. You can call professional cleaners such as the Carpet Cleaning north shore to clean the carpet for you. Some of the animals that can live in the carpet include:

– Carpet Beetle
Carpet beetles are animals found living on carpets of varying sizes, colors and shapes ranging from 2-3 mm. Carpet beetles tend to live outside the home. But by the summer the carpet beetle is very likely to enter the house and lay eggs on the carpet or in the curtains. The carpet lice usually feed on the fibers of the clothes and leave the holes on.

– Bedbug
Bedbugs are parasitic insects found living on carpets or beds. Bedbugs bite humans without getting caught and cause itching, rashes, and allergies. Bedbugs are very stinky living on carpets and mattresses. Dry and air-dry the carpets and mattresses periodically to avoid the presence of bedbugs.

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