Tips on Managing Good Finance For A Freelancer

One of the easiest jobs and can be done by anyone is to become a freelancer. Due to unnecessary earnings, sometimes they make very much money and sometimes even get nothing. Therefore, the ability to manage finances well must be owned by a freelancer. We must realize that a freelancer is not the same as the employees or other employees. Because the amount of income a freelancer can not be ascertained every month. For that, we must always set aside money for emergency purposes that are very likely to be encountered. To help with your emergency funds, you can rely on services.

These funds can be used for sudden purposes, do not you use for other purposes. For example, you can use for the cost of repair car/motorcycle that suddenly damaged, or perhaps also for your family members who suddenly sick. Set aside 20% – 30% of the salary you earn. We recommend that you do it regularly, because it may be that our emergency needs in the future are huge. Calculate well and correctly what your basic needs in the future. If you are married, priority needs at home. How much you need a family every month, the cost of food, electricity, water, medicine, if there is a debt or installments also you should count all. If you already find out how much to spend in a month, immediately set aside money or salary you can.