GPS Tracker function

The growing technology makes GPS Tracking even more sophisticated. Not only used to monitor the presence and location of the vehicle alone but a number of additional features that are in it very useful for corporate management purposes. In general, GPS Tracker is widely used for vehicle security just like if the vehicle is stolen it will be easy to know the location of the vehicle. However, the development of technology, the GPS is also more developed again. When you use or install a GPS Tracker in your vehicle, the GPS receiver will instantly receive the coordinate signal where the GPS vehicle is located. SIM Card installed in GPS every few seconds will send the coordinates of existence or location of the vehicle to the tracking server, the transmission using GSM or GPRS network. Even now you can use GPS to keep an eye on your child, where do you get it? Only on

Furthermore, the coordinate data will be input into a digital map. This map is very easy to understand and understood that can describe the routes from the starting point to the end of the vehicle. This digital map you can access through the site already created in the GPS Tracker manufacturer itself. There are so many types of GPS Tracker, but in general, all kinds of GPS tracker can monitor rhythm, dead or live engine conditions, vehicle speed, speed limit sensors, listening to the talk in the vehicle cabin, as well as emergency buttons. GPS Tracker function of the main course, of course, is to anticipate the act of theft, direct tracking so as to know the existence or location of the vehicle with accurate. GPS Tracker was not only able to track the existence of vehicles lost when stolen, but can also turn off the vehicle engine remotely only with SMS, but the feature is only in certain brands only. For business purposes such as travel, rental vehicles or rental then this tool is very fit to use, this tool will facilitate.